We are a modern flute orchestra from Fränkisch-Crumbach, a small village in the Odenwald. Our association was founded in 1930 and belongs to the volunteer fire department Fränkisch-Crumbach. In recent years, we have developed from a classic marching band to a flute orchestra. Above all we play concertante music and participate in championships. In 2012 we became German Champion of DBV and since 2018 we have been acting German Vice-Champion. For more than 10 years acting Hessenmeister.

On May 17, 1919, we play music in Falkirk in Trinity Church to stage a charity concert there and to support the friends of the Odenwald Association with music from the Odenwald.

Our music includes traditional marches of international trends, flute music with piano accompaniment, percussion ensemble to various musical melodies - a wide range of music of a modern flute orchestra.